Our Story

Groovy Grover's is a VIBE

Stayin' groovy + keepin' things silly good is a way of life around these parts.

My grandfather, Grover Cleveland Giles, was a cook in the Navy in WWII. He came home to build a life (and a lot of the houses) in the Keystone community with his wife, Mildred. He taught us all to appreciate food, the gardening process, and to can heavy for winter. He was my favorite, and I was his. He passed away when I was 19, and never got to see me in action, but my love for all things service related is all due to his love and care for food and community.

We all called him Groovy Grover, and I hope you feel the love and goodness in every bite and interaction when you visit my little drive thru.

I chose a healthy concept because we grew up on cubed steak and gravy, mashed taters, and green beans with extry fat back. While I still adore country cookin' the most, it is my passion to bring something healthy and quick to Johnson City so we all can stay silly as long as possible.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to slingin' some good grub your way soon!

-Niki Giles